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Hey I'm back again

2009-08-17 08:20:05 by Sparkwattclock

It's been a while, happy clock day. I've been trying to play in competitive team fortress 2, so no time to animate or create a game :/. But its good to say hi once and a while to newgrounds.

I'm trying to figure out how my layout for map pack 2 should be.
If you guys have any ideas for levels or coments just write here!

-cheers, sparkwatt

I am planning to get buttonscape 2 out this week :D. It might not happen, but i hope it does :D.

10-15 lvls of super fun button stuff
No boring password functions etc
2 bosses or more :3
Some nice music :D

If you want me to add any cool level ideas etc or anything just PM me. This isnt just my flash its yours too. (i made it with stuff you guys want in it)

-cheers, sparkwatt

Buttonscape 2 map pack 1 is out :D

2009-04-12 13:58:19 by Sparkwattclock

Check it out and enjoy fellow newgrounders :D.
Leave some constructive criticizm :D

-cheers, sparkwatt

New flash game out :D!

2009-04-10 20:30:22 by Sparkwattclock

My flash game buttonscape v1 is out :D!
Try it out and enjoy!

-cheers, sparkwatt

Flash update

2009-04-02 20:23:42 by Sparkwattclock

I'm currently 45% done with the my flash collab with madninja2500.

I've been thinking of what the next collab may be, maybe another TF2 one or some other thing lol.

Oh and heres an lv avatar for me.

Flash update

Flash in the works/ helpful reminder

2009-03-31 00:23:19 by Sparkwattclock

So this is going to be one of my flashes in a while. So keep tuned on my page and watch out for my next flash. I'm thinking its going to do with one of my favorite things: TEAM FORTRESS 2!

Flash Details 4/2/09- 40% done, collab with Madninja2500

Oh and for my helpful reminder, don't use the sandman, it will get you banzors in competitive tf2 and you'll feel like a jerk!

Flash in the works/ helpful reminder

I'm back from the dead

2009-03-29 19:05:05 by Sparkwattclock

Hey guys, long time no see. I havent been here for a year or two, but its good to be sorta back. To all those GWC members, i'm sorry i left ya but i had to move on (also joined a tf2 clan). I'm back and ready to make some tf2 flash movies. Oh and for now on just call me sparkwatt, no crews please.

Expect to see some works from me and some of my friends soon on NG.

-Cheers, Sparkwatt